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Vision: To cultivate and nurture Dhamma seed in our students and ultimately become HAPPY Buddhists
Mission: (1)To promote the practice of generosity, morality and Vipassana meditation. (2)To create an environment of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gratitude Ceremony 2012

As we know, the Buddha taught that even though we carry our parents on our back to go to different places for a long time, we could not repay their care and love for us. Thus the purpose of having the gratitude ceremony is to give an opportunity for the Dhamma Sunday School children to express their gratitude towards the love and care of their parents and also show the appreciation toward  the teachings and guidance of the teacher.

The program start at 9.00am, arrival of parent, students and relatives. At 9.15am, we start our morning service: Buddha Puja.


At 9.40am, Sayadaw U Pannananda lead us in taking precepts, observation 5 precepts, contemplation of the Triple Gems. After that, we start our gratitude ceremony around 9.50am, by offering robe to our spiritual advisor Sayadaw U Pannananda.


Beside expressing our thankfulness to Sayadaw for his kindness and Dhamma guidance,  we also seek forgiveness from Sayadaw for any wrong deed we have done intentionally or unintentionally. Then we have a group photo with Sayadaw.

Around 10.30, our MC teacher Malini start to explain the meaning of gratitude to all the students. She has made use of a bow of rice and a wrapped present to illustrate the important of showing our gratitude and appreciation to our parents. Teacher Ooi has prepared Carnation flowers for student to offer to their parents and also teachers.

We invite all the parents to be seated, their children knees down and hold the flower. Then teacher Malini start to recite the speech of forgiveness and ask the children to follow the reciting, at the end of speech, offer the beautiful flower to their parent to express their gratitude, such a touching scene.


We also want to thank Aunty Annie who has always prepared good and delicious lunch for student and teacher by handing her a little present. Sadhu ! Sadhu ! Sadhu ! to her.

Next, each class of students line up in front of teacher to give flower to express their thankfulness to the teacher. Lastly we invite chairman of MBMC to give his thank you speech. Teacher Chuah, teacher Eng Lee, student representative, parents and teacher Thum to share and give their testimonials before the program is ended.

Before we dismiss the students, we chant the metta chanting together and transfer the merits to all beings. May they be well and happy ! Sadhu! x 3.

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