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Vision: To cultivate and nurture Dhamma seed in our students and ultimately become HAPPY Buddhists
Mission: (1)To promote the practice of generosity, morality and Vipassana meditation. (2)To create an environment of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Appreciation Ceremony to Sayadaw U Thuzana (24.04.2011)

The appreciation ceremony was organized to give farewell to our Sayadaw who is going to leave Malaysia to USA on 25.04.2011, after 8 years together with us. The ceremony started at 9.00am, Sunday School teachers, students and MBMC devotees came to attend this meaningful event.

Chanting was the first program, everybody knee down to get ready for five precepts chanting. 

Teacher Eng Lee was the program's MC and Brother Thum (MBMC Dhamma School headmaster) helps in mandarin translation during the talk was presented by Sayadaw.

Devotees offer water to Sayadaw, Sanghas and Sayalays.

Sayadaw was giving Dhamma Talk with title: Saraniya Dhamma which Sayadaw shared with us 6 memorable practice that we should remember them and put into practice.

1. Metta in Deed
2. Metta in Word
3. Metta in Mind
4. Generosity
5. Moral Conduct
6. Acariye Wisdom
Representative of MBMC Board of Management, Dhamma School Headmaster, Teachers, representative of Samanera Program and Devotees express their appreciation to Sayadaw.

Make offering to Sayadaw to express our gratitude to our spiritual teacher who has guided us 8 years.

Take photo with Sayadaw for memorial

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